It’s a Chemical Life

20171202_144332Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, there was a girl (who happened to look a lot like the one pictured above) who lead a double life. She held many interests, but two that truly called to her: geek culture, and beauty products. Torn between two worlds, these clashing interests caused her much internal turmoil. She would find herself hiding one interest while practicing the other, fearing the judgement of her peers from both groups.

“Board games and video games?! How nerdy!”

“Makeup and skin care?! That’s for the ultra glamorous, fancy and high maintenance!”

She thought long and hard about a way to bring her two interests together. It was so difficult for her to understand why this divide existed and  she hated that she had to hide the fact that she enjoyed them both.

Enter: The Chemical Makeup! I (oops).. She started this blog in order to bring these two worlds a little closer together and to show you, valued reader, that they are much more related than you might think!! I (ugh, did it again!)… SHE would love to show you that science is fun and interesting and also BEAUTIFUL! Starting with the chemistry of ingredients in  beauty products, and stretching to the far reaches of many other materials, I hope these stories, articles and reviews will make the fascinating (albeit confusing) world of science easier to understand. And with the knowledge of the science behind that sunscreen you are using, or behind the new cooking technique you attempted, you’ll be better armed to face the world! Science actually is all around and I can’t wait to show you what a beautiful word it is!

Welcome to The Chemical Makeup, come on in, the H2O’s fine! 🙂

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